Nine Month Health Plan.

My current idea for 2023 is to focus on nine areas of health, dedicating one month at a time to each area, walking away with a conclusion that works best for me that I carry out for the rest of the year. Instead of trying to fix everything all at once, I stagger out my focuses and create new habits slowly over time.

I have been guilty of setting myself up to fail with too many high expectations to be carried out at once. My theory now: to toe the line of perfectionism involves being compassionate, slow, and logical with one’s approach.

So here’s my proposed nine month plan:

  • January — Sleep health
  • February — Gut health
  • March — Brain health
  • April — Blood health
  • May — Heart health
  • June — Lung health
  • July — Joint health
  • August — Muscle health
  • September — Skin/hair/nail health

Which perfectly leaves me off to (hopefully) enter the holiday months of October through December, looking and feeling fabulous while having a moment to both relax and celebrate my journey.

— CK

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